Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monthly challenge

I felt too awful last night to post my progress - which was good, another sober day (although I had to really talk very sternly to myself because I so wanted a drink) and then this morning I realized! Silly me! I know why I've been feeling so down, tired and lethargic over the past few days - it's 'That Time' (perhaps this is over-sharing?) I can't remember the last time I faced my awful PMS without a bottle in my hand, in fact, on day one I usually get a self-destructive urge to drink myself into a stupor, perhaps because of the fear of the gut-wrenching agony that sometimes accompanies my period and causes me to black-out through pain. Anyway, now that I've realised why I've been feeling like this I'm more determined than ever not to give in to the craving to drink all the depression and pain away.

I'm going to try and put my thoughts in order about why I'm not going to meetings. I know why, but I want to be able to talk it out coherently here, so I'll post about that tomorrow ...

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone - I do appreciate it!


Pam Jarnagin said...

Oh, I ALWAYS got an incontrollaby strong urge to drink around "that time!" I do think there is something hormonal about it. I've just read this latest post, and need to go back and read the previous ones, but I just want to say "WELL DONE so far!!!" Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I'll add you to my links.

Carly said...

Hiya! Just found your blog and I want to say WAY TO GO on 10 days without drinking! Every day without drinking is a miracle -- *especially* during PMS. Take extra good care of yourself.