Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 2

Day 2 over with no alcohol. I had some good news/bad news yesterday - depending on which way you look at it. I have a friend who works for a subsidiary of the Bacardi-Martini group, and she's my source of cheap Bacardi. Every month she's allowed to purchase up to £80 a month of their products at near-cost price but as she doesn't drink, she passes her allowance on to me and I usually spend about £60 of it on Bacardi. Last month I really cut down on my order (because I was broke and I had already decided not to drink so much) so there is less to tempt me in the house. Yesterday she emailed me to say that their company has been bought out by another drinks firm so there will be no more Bacardi on the staff list! Eeek! I must admit I had a moment of panic, but then thought, well, if I'm not going to be drinking the stuff anyway, what does it matter?

Kept myself busy at home last night and didn't even think about drinking. I've now chalked another day up on the 'Alcohol Free Days' board in the kitchen. It's 18 now - not 18 in a row, 18 since Christmas. That's pretty terrible, really, but it's a start.


Shannon said...

Hi I am shannon and I saw you post on Mary Christine Blog and wanted to come over and say hi... welcome to our blogging community I have linked you if that is ok?

Happy 2 days no alcohol...
I dont know if you go or not, do you go to AA meetings?
if you have questions ask any of us...

I am glad you are blogging, may sound weird but I am.

I encourage you to come and read our blogs we are a reaglly great group, and I have found blogging to be a good way to get stuff out, or share things, good bad indiffernt...

glad to see you here..

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today.

I think God is doing for you what you can't do for yourself with the Bacardi thing.

Hang in there, putting days together really improves things.

I really need to update my links and put one on there for you. Keep in touch!