Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad day

By about 10 this morning I'd already said to a colleague that it was a good job they didn't allow us to drink at work because I'd already be on my second glass. It was shaping up to be a bad day. Mind you, every day where I work is a bad day, and some days I cope with it better than others. Today wasn't a good coping day. By 11 o'clock I had looked up AA meetings in my city - although I think I knew that there would not be one that I could fit in between leaving work at 5pm and starting my voluntary work at 6.30pm. That finishes at 8.30. The meetings I found were all at 7.30, so no chance of getting to one. But at least I thought about it!

Anyway, somewhere between actually looking up AA sessions and leaving work I found something inside that reminded me drinking wouldn't make my bad day any better and as I wouldn't be home until 9pm there was no point even thinking about it.

As always, my voluntary work made me feel a hundred times better. What I do there is worthwhile. It makes up for the horrible day job and it makes me realise how lucky I am - not just lucky to have the life I do, but lucky that I can do something to help other people. And so I came home and fed the cat and poured myself a diet coke and now I'm going to have a long hot soak in the bath before chalking up another successful day.

The bad day's turned into a good one. Tomorrow will be better.


Mary Christine said...

You are getting closer...
The feeling you get from volunteering is much like the feelings you get when you spend time with other alcoholics... it makes you forget about yourself.

Carly said...

Good for you for looking up meetings! It took me awhile to muster the courage to go. I am beyond grateful I finally did (and that I keep going). Blessings.