Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I've never been honest about the level of my drinking but I thought I'd give it a try last night. I went out to dinner with a friend and, while we were deciding on what to eat, she went to the bar to get us a drink. I said I'd have a diet coke and she asked if I was feeling all right. I just said that I'd been drinking too much recently and was giving myself a break. There, just like that. She just said, 'Do you want ice in it?' and didn't query or comment at all.

Usually if I come home after a sober evening out (if I've been driving, for instance) I take a big glass of rum and coke up to bed and drink it while I'm reading. Last night I came home and just went to bed.

Another sober day chalked up. I'd love to see my chalkboard in the kitchen absolutely full of those little green lines by Christmas. I'd love not to even need a chalkboard in 2007. It's certainly something to aim for!

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