Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oh dear!

I've just re-read my last post. How depressed did I sound? Very! It got worse, though. I didn't go to bed until 5.30am, and I'd finished the entire bottle of run by then. I'm lucky not to have a bad hangover - in fact, I think I'm lucky to be alive! I ended up in a chat room, offering to meet up with someone I have absolutely no intention of meeting. Strange I can type perfectly well when I'm completely hammered. If I couldn't I wouldn't get myself into so much trouble on line. Before I'd finished the bottle of rum I'd already spent £80 on ebay on something I don't really need and certainly can't afford.

I have decided not to drink at all tonight. I can't afford it, for a start, and if I have a drink while we're all out I'll want more when I get home.

I'm feeling a bit sick, a bit hollow, and very very down today. It serves me right.

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