Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just the one, Mrs Wembley!

I can't remember the name of the TV series with Joan Sims as Dennis Waterman's drunken housekeeper, but 'Just the one, Mrs Wembley?' became something of a catchphrase. She would always reply, 'Just the one, Mr ...' whoever he was, even when it was obvious she was 3 sheets to the wind.

Anyway, I did manage to stick to just the one - the last in the bottle left over from earlier in the week - and although it would have been nice to have a second, I didn't want to open another bottle.

So, I can have a glass of wine tonight OR I can have a glass tomorrow night and still be within my 21 unit limit. But I can't have a drink both nights ... This is where the problem might start ...

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