Thursday, November 09, 2006

Excuses and reasons

Not so very long ago (39 days, soon to be 40, to be precise) I would find lots of excuses to drink and call them reasons, the main ones being, 'I've had a bad day' or 'I like the taste'.

Now I'm looking ahead to Friday night, when I'm going out for dinner with a group of normal-drinking friends, and next week, when I'm going to London on business and a night out is being planned before the Board meeting, and the office Christmas lunch, when the company is actually going to pay for drinks as well as a meal, and I've found myself preparing excuses not to drink - the main ones being, 'I'm driving' or 'I've got to get up early tomorrow'.

But I don't need excuses not to drink, just a reason. The reason is I don't want to.

I am grateful today that :
  • I don't crave a drink
  • Although I still wake up with a headache every day, it goes by the time I get to work
  • My mother encouraged the habit of prayer, because I've remembered how, and it's helping me now
  • Although I really really dislike my job, I do have a job, which is more than hundreds of thousands of people in this country can say
  • I have the opportunity to do voluntary work, which is more rewarding than I can say


Shannon said...

sometimes thats all we can do it be grateful and not drink AWESOME...
sorry havent stopped by in a while... Happy friday

Carly said...

Prayer works for me, too. Always good to read your posts! Congrats on another day sober.

Deb said...

I loaded up with an arsenal of "excuses" not to drink during my 1st sober holiday season.

Now I realize most people don't really care one way or the other if I'm not drinking at a party. In fact, I think the few that might try to insist that someone else has a drink are the drunks that want others to get sloshed with them (so they don't look so bad).

My favorite line is "I've had more than enough already!" or "I've had enough to last a lifetime!" And the martyr in me likes to say "I'm the designated driver." :0

Mary Christine said...

It's been a while since you posted. How are you doing?