Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Has it been 3 weeks?

... Looks like it ... looks like it's been 3 weeks since my last post. Actually, it might be more, or it might be my cycle going haywire. Last time I had a binge and posted my whining poor me entry was the day I got my period. (Sorry any men logging in - we ladies have a monthly excuse! And if you don't believe it, imagine someone jumping up and down on your balls and NOT STOPPING FOR 7 DAYS!)

So yes, it's THAT TIME, and I'm sober. I wasn't expecting my period on Monday so I just carried on my life but by today (the Eve Of Doom) I was thinking, well, I must have a drink because tomorrow is the day I should have been getting my period. So, let's look at this.

When my period is due I start planning to drink to alleviate the a) physical pain and b) the emotional upheaval.

When I don't realise I'm getting my period I carry on as (sober) normal.

Once upon a time (35 years ago) when I first started my periods, the only solutions were a hot water bottle applied to the belly (not very useful if you had to go anywhere) or a heap of pain-killers (not very helpful if you had to concentrate on anything like school or exams) or a stiff upper lip until you could go somewhere and lie on a bed and drink loads of vodka to kill the pain.

Somewhere in that scenario I plucked out the words VODKA and KILL PAIN.

As a grown up I know now that vodka is not as an effective painkiller as paracetemol or even yoga exercises. But the bottle is still a strong pull at this phase of the moon.

So this period I am doing yoga exercises and drinking water.

It may not help my womb, but it's helping my liver ...


Carly said...

I have often wondered how many women relapse during PMS! Every month I celebrate making it through another period sober. Congrats to you!

Shadow said...

yep. as the month moves on and pms appears, and the moon changes, so do we....

Mary Christine said...

This too shall pass.